ElaadNL has recently made a Proof of Concept related to the advanced power grid to ease the movement of the electric vehicles. IoT technology has been applied to design the PoC.

The Focus

The main focus the Dutch company has made is upon the IOTA Tangle Technology. The announcement regarding the mentioned matter was done on February 14th, 2019 from ElaadNL.

The PoC projects how the advanced grids can work smartly on consuming power and generating it. The grids are also able to redistribute the power independently among the members of the community. The IOTA Tangle Technology allows the charging devices to decide whether the help is needed regarding maintaining the balance in the grid load.

Moreover, the IOTA tokens can be earned by the charging stations while they charge the electric vehicles at a low pace. The IOTA cryptocurrency is related to the system as the tokens are provided to the charging stations.

History of ElaadNL

Established in 200, the tech company ElaadNL deals with installing charging points. Since its inception, it has installed around 30000 charging points in different public places of Netherlands. It is recently in the peak of the latest IoT updates due to the new announcement for the IoT application.

Other Companies working with the IOTA Tangle Technology

Energinet, the energy company of Denmark went for expanding the IOTA network thus by utilizing it in newer areas. The company came into a partnership in January 2019 and currently holds a vision of deploying the IoT network to design green energy.

In the case of Blockchain, the Spanish energy company ACCIONA Energia has an aim to trace the generation of electricity with the help of it. A prominent software startup FlexiDAO is working with ACCIONA Energia.