Dutch companies are not aware of the benefits of IoT

by | Feb 28, 2019 | IoT Companies

In the previous year, the IoT trends reports by Vodafone meant for the Netherlands came up with a conclusion that the companies who are embracing the IoT are reportedly achieving a tremendous bump in revenue, satisfied customers, introduce well-organized processes for businesses.

The real problem is that the companies are not into understand the real issues which they can overcome with the implementation of IoT and the other reason of the problem is that some of these companies are even reluctant in adopting the Internet of Things. The report also said that over a quarter of the companies who are currently being surveyed either have a limited IoT knowledge or they completely lack the basic understanding of IoT technology.

VodafonZiggo’s director of business market John van Vianen said while introducing Vodafone Nederland, in the IoT Trendrapport 2018, the probability of the outcome of the trend research is to adopt Internet of Things in the Netherlands which will be helpful in developing new services as well as products is quite striking. Around seven of 10 entrepreneurs in  Dutch have indicated that they are not willing to adopt IoT; on the other hand, they have limited perspective when it comes to adopting IoT for their businesses.

Vianen also said that the companies need to understand that there is a whole wide world they need to win and furthermore win the hearts of the customers in the long run. In most of the sectors, the companies are more than capable of coming forward as early adopters. IoT solutions will be able to help and improve businesses and later make them smart enough in creating brand new business models.

By the looks of it, the Netherlands currently falls behind as far as the Internet of Things is considered. In the last five years, the global organizations that utilize the applications based on IoT have doubled to almost 29%, but the Netherlands is still stuck with 13%.

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