Domo will reach the potential of IoT Data with Domo IoT Cloud

by | Mar 22, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

Domo has announced a brand new IoT service called the Domo IoT Cloud. With the Domo IoT Cloud, the company is going to offer the core power of the self-curated Domo platform for helping the customers to harness an all-around potential of the Internet of Things data.

The Domo Internet of Things Cloud is comprised of the massive set of default Application Program Interface connectors for data related to IoT. The Domo IoT Cloud will empower the customers to efficiently create a bold business value that comes from machines as well as device data.

After World War II there has been billions of machines that can efficiently produce a massive amount of data and provide the world with the condition of their actions and health. Domo wants to tackle that challenge which revolves around capturing the information. With the help of Domo IoT Cloud, Domo is going to reduce the digital gap between machines as well as people. Domo wants to deliver the data to the people who are unaware of what is happening to their devices, and at the same time, they invoke action.

Domo’s IoT Cloud usually connects to ten of hundreds of unique sources of data which allows the customers for combining the real-time data of the Internet of Things with operational data that comes from anywhere. Most of the time, these data are overlaid with third-party data sources for getting a complete update of what is going on.

The data are often connected to the Domo Internet of Things Cloud to help the organisation with a highly sensitive visualisation of rich data as well as coherent mobile and desktop experiences. The Domo IoT Cloud will provide alerts driven by AI along with robust collaborating and sharing tools to make smart decisions in the long run.

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