Digital Twins unravels the Internet of Things

by | Apr 2, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The modern-day trucks are powered by telemetry systems along with some other technologies which turn them into computers on wheels. These trucks continually communicate with the data points, like motion, location, the status of the engine as well as organization systems along with numerous business units.

There is always a little problem with the technology. One of the most significant flaws of trucks is that these devices send numerous messages that contain the same data, but it broadcasts on numerous channels at different time intervals. When it comes to management of the fleet they need a similar kind of information on the maintenance of truck as well as fuel consumption. Both of these devices have distinguished data copies, and sometimes they also have separate channels for transferring the said data.

The conventional approach leads to wasting of the resources as well as efforts as the data is unnecessary and it keeps on converging. On the other hand, these handling these data can be extremely complex, and on the other hand, they are quite expensive when it comes to establishing new channels for all the application which requires accessing the data.

And this gives rise to “digital twin,” an all-around solution. The digital twin has been specially curated for decoupling the systems from the physical things. Rather than having to communicate with every single data which are distinctly received, the trucks broadcasts these data to its digital twin. The only devices that can access the data and get the information are the ones that are connected to the digital twin. Accessing the data with a digital twin is easier.

According to the source, the fundamental principles upon which the digital twin is curated is not merely limited to the logistics. Digital twin is perfect for the organizations which deal with the Internet of Things solutions.

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