Development of the Internet of Things in 2019

by | Apr 5, 2019 | IoT News

For a few years, the Internet of Things along with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cloud technology has become a very significant trend around the world. The year 2018 witnessed a rapid growth in the Internet of Things given that the technology has been around for quite some time now. The experts in the industry have already made their predictions as to how the Internet of Things will grow. Ever since top-notch tech companies started integrating the Internet of Things solution into their networks, IoT has changed direction in the most unexpected way.

Some of the Important trends of IoT in 2019:

Smart Cities:

Internet of Things has become an added advantage for the companies that offer connected devices. The smart houses are comprised of the connected technologies which anticipate every whim of the owners. Turning the conventional cities into smart cities will be a smart move. The IoT in the smart cities will be able to track the traffic condition of the region, look after the temperature and climatic change. Experts think that IoT driven smart cities will solve the problems that citizens face after they leave their houses

Growing IoT security concerns:

Internet of Things plans on making the life of people extremely comfortable. Given that many corporations are working towards creating cutting edge technology under the fundamental principle of IoT, there is a little bit of setback, and that is the security. Given that the IoT devices are being deployed in an alarming way, there is always a fear that the devices can be taken control of and attacked via numerous botnet such as Mirai.


Wearable IoT devices are the best companion for the people who are always on the move and who want to keep tabs on their heartbeat, blood pressure, and on their location.

Edge Computing, smart stores, and wireless 5G connectivity have gained traction in the past year.

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