Denmark becomes one of the first countries with nationwide IoT

by | Apr 12, 2019 | IoT News

The last couple of years has been quite an enthralling time for the Internet of Things industry. And so far people and organization around the world have learned that the only barrier that comes with curating the best of the Internet of Things devices, sensors and solutions is the limitation of imagination in human beings. Internet of Things can be shaped, based and perfected with an utter creativity of human beings.

In the year 2018, the Internet of Things has connected with some of the never seen or expected applications such as in the tectonic plates as well as in the prosthetic limbs for improving the everyday lives of people better with the smart solutions. And the year 2019 has been leading and driving the Internet of things in ways that no one expected.

The recent innovation in the Internet of Things has interconnected the bees, most importantly the beehives. With the utilization of the DataFlow AT&T capabilities, YHY Group has been piloting solutions which have the capability of tracking the level of humidity of the beehives. The IoT also tracks the temperature level along with some of the other aspects which guarantee optimum health for the beehives.

IoT has also brought forward the inception of the friendly neighborhood of robots. The Robots are powered by the Internet of Things for delivering the package goods as well as groceries in the modernized environment of the world.

IoT also made its way to curate the cutting edge office pieces of furniture. People are not going to hit their legs or their knees again with the help of this solution. On the other hand, the Foundry application of AT&T will work with one of the significant construction companies for developing IoT device powered by batteries to make sure that the porta potties stay clean.

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