Deloitte believes in the convergence of Sustainability and IoT

by | Aug 7, 2019 | IoT Companies

In the previous month, the Technological Institute in Georgia was the centre for the application and development of IoT technologies. The CDAIT came up with a robust international conference concerning the IoT. According to sources, the conference put its focus on the sustainability of the IoT alongside the smart business.

The conference was called forward as the Internet of Things connects a wide array of devices of smart capabilities. Moreover, technology is the core component of societal and corporate digital transformation. Robert Schmid was the person who presented the event. On the other hand, Schmid is also a chief Internet of Things technologist at the acclaimed Deloitte Consulting.

During the conference, Schmid shared a few of the notable examples of the experience of the company, Deloitte that works with several industrial companies. Deloitte’s goal was to improve its profitability throughout the downtime reduction as well as increased sales. By the looks of it, Deloitte focuses on the efficiency of the devices and reduced waste.

Furthermore, the result of the experience was a severe highlight of a robust path for the businesses of most sizes. Deloitte wanted to improve their operations alongside the technologies related to the Internet of Things.

Schmid also said that the leading food packaging manufacturer of the US wants to explore the entirety of the Internet of Things to enhance business performance. By the looks of it, these plants do incorporate the Internet of Things sensors; however, the generated data cannot be stored easily and neither can it be accessed. 

According to Schmid, the executive of the company wasn’t able to monitor the operations in the real-time scenario. Even gaining access to the historical data is not accessible to the executive either. Deloitte’s convergence team did implement the Internet of Things technologies like analytics, the architecture of data streaming and sensors for illuminating the hidden assets.

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