Cyxtera Research Says that Internet of Things Devices are under repeated cyber threats

by | Mar 7, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

The secure infrastructure company, Cyxtera Technologies have reportedly released the findings that originates from a widely extensive research project called Detection of Threats to the Internet of Things Devices that utilizes Scalable VPN Honeypots. This has reportedly shown that the Internet of Things devices is undergoing repeated attacks. The report of the result showcased over the hackers have attempted to breach around 150 million connections which took place in the term of 15 months.

The research by Cyxtera Technologies also revealed that the company had detected new attacks on the Internet of Things devices; most importantly the ones that leverage zero-day vulnerability meant for certain devices. With the release of the research, Cyxtera has also announced that it will release a new functionality right along its Zero Trust Solution called AppGate SDP. Cyxtera designed the AppGate SDP for increasing the benefits of the micro-segmentation network along with the software-defined perimeter that usually the Internet of Things devices.

Cyxtera also said that with the help of AppGate SDP Internet of Things Connector, they could help the enterprises in enforcing consistent access to the control policies of certain users, devices and serves for protecting the complex as well as distributed modern day network resources.

Cyxtera under the guidance of the researcher Martin Ochoa combined its forces with Singapore University of Technology and design. The partners were able to detect over 150 million connections of IoT devices on approximately 4.642  different IP address. Out of which, 64 percent of the connections had China as its source of origin. Fourteen percent of the connections originate from the United States of America whereas the United Kingdom, Israel, Slovakia are stuck with nine, eight and sixty percent.

The research paper also revealed that the IoT devices witnessed an attempted login soon after the device came online and by the looks of it, the attempts in login have increased gradually over time.

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