The leader of embedded solutions, Cypress Semiconductor Corp., has come forward with a brand new segment of the acclaimed PSoC 6 microcontrollers which is specially curated to provide the designers of the Internet of Things an absolute sense of confidence with the security of the applications.

PSoC 64 Secure microcontrollers are integrated with patterned and robust system security layer which comes with a low-powered hardware layer in the PSoC architecture. The PSoC 64 Secure MCU comes with a dormant isolated root-of-trust which is equipped with real-time provisioning and attestations services. With an addition to this, the product line also includes the devices which can deliver an all-round security to the pre-configured environment that furthermore supports the system software of numerous platforms in IoT. It also provides secure storage, TLS authentication and lastly, secure management of firmware.

The microcontrollers are comprised of a great execution environment to develop an application which are embedded deep in RTOS. RTOS derives from a Modus Toolbox of the same corporation, it can manage the communication regarding a secure environment of execution.

The PSoC 64 Secure microcontrollers are the first generation of Arm Cortex M processors. The processors have Level 1 certification right in the midst of the PSA certification of Arm. The processor uses a secured firmware called Trusted Firmware-M which have been implemented and at the same time integrated with Arm’s Mbed Operating System. It is combined with an intimately connected Arm PSA threat modules along with hardware, security analyses as well as firmware architecture specifications.

The newly introduced product line is ideal for the products that are connected to the cloud and which needs the protection of the data of the user along with honest firmware updates. They can also be implemented in personal healthcare devices as well as for solutions in home security.

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