Cyberattacks on IoT devices will have increased to 300%

by | Sep 16, 2019 | IoT News

F-Secure security researchers have reportedly issued a severe warning concerning the cyberattacks on the Internet of Things devices. The security research firm also suggests that the cyberattacks on these devices are accelerating with an unfathomable rate. Attack Landscape H1 2019 of the company has reportedly measured around the three-fold increase of the traffic attack to more than 2.9 billion devices.

The company is currently using the honeypot servers, which are the decoy servers for attracting the attacks that take place every day. By the looks of it, for the first time, the attacks on the honeypots serve did get inflicted with around one billion marks.

The researchers then put an increase in the attacks as well as the increase in the numbers of the Internet of Things devices which are currently deployed around the world. In the last few months, the results have been terrifying. There have been several warnings concerning the vulnerability of the Internet of Things devices. This is also responsible for the utter lack of proper defense system in the architecture as well as the firmware of the devices.

In addition to this, there has also been improving in terms of understanding as far as the risks of the IoT devices are concerned in workplaces and homes. Nevertheless, sometimes the situations are dire, such as the attack on the devices which are present in the healthcare facilities. Nevertheless, the massive risk is the utilization of the endpoints into a wider network of devices.

The researchers said that the hackers also attack printers which are yet to be unpatched or the VOIP phones, these are some of the smart attacks. The virus which was found on the honeypot servers were generally the dominant version of the infamous Mirai botnet. By the looks of it, Mirai botnet utilizes the credentials of the IoT devices and then it easily conducts the DDoS attacks.

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