Crosser Edge Computing

by | Mar 11, 2019 | IoT Companies in Europe

Crosser Edge Computing designs and develops real-time software solutions for Edge Computing and next generation real-time Enterprise Integration.

The Crosser Edge Computing solution offloads Cloud services, provides real-time data processing and decision making capabilities close to IoT sensors and IoT devices.

This substantially reduces cloud service costs and bandwidth costs giving a millisecond response time on data streams for real-time local actions. The software is ideally suited for Enterprise customers of various industries and applications including Industrial IoT, Connected Machines, Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0 and real-time Enterprise Integration.

Services Offered

  • Moving Machine Data to the Cloud
  • Factory 4.0 Edge Analytics
  • IoT Edge Analytics
  • Real-time Hybrid Integration
  • Cloud Streaming Analytics
  • Business Automation

Contact Address


Fleminggatan 20 (Kungsholmen), 111 50 Stockholm, Sweden


Tradgardsgatan 18, 851 32 Sundsvall, Sweden




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