launched Internet of Things Platforms to ensure Discrete Manufacturing

by | Mar 9, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms has come up with a new announcement regarding a brand new solution based on specific application meant for the manufacturing industry. With the help of the Crate Internet of Things Data Platform for Discrete Manufacturing that will enable analyzing, collection, storing as well as provisioning the data. With the new platform, it gets easier for integrating manufacturing the control between the smart factories in the cloud as well as in the local market.

The produced data which is coming from the factories are comprised of machines, employees, countless sensors, power supplies among other applications. The data arrives at every millisecond. The IoT exquisitely captures, leverages and assess the crucial piece of information meant for the smart controllers that need both the reliable platform as well as a real-time database which are custom made to the Industrial Internet of Things, interfaces, architectures, formats of data as well as requirements of performance.

The new solution for discrete manufacturing by is called as CrateDB. The platform is a distributed SQL database which is specifically optimized to suit the requirements of the manufacturing of the Internet of Things and at the same time management of the real-time analysis. The fully-fledged SQL database combines the familiarity as well as the convenience of SQL along with flexibility and scalability of NoSQL. It also enables the processing and storage of each unstructured and structured data.

The CrateDB will enable the user to handle high volumes of data in the real-time along with unlimited scaling which will support the growth of the organization. CrateDB will also allow the processing of the time-series data in a millisecond. It also enables full-text search as well as geospatial queries right within the Artificial Intelligence algorithms. CrateDB is a decentralized database which delivers simplified and unrestricted scaling by simply adding newer nodes.

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