Construction industry can make use IoT Applications for monitoring purposes

by | Apr 3, 2019 | IoT News

Since time immemorial, the construction industry tremendously lags when it comes to embracing the new and cutting edge ideas. The prolonged drowsiness comes from the sheer complexity which is often paired with high-risks along with orthodox characteristics of the companies in the construction industry around the world.

Given that these barriers have been in existence since a very long time, new technologies have been curated which will benefit these companies. The latest cutting edge technology affects the overall productivity, performance, efficiency as well as safety of the said industry. And this calls out for awareness within the contractors to at least consider the Internet of Things devices to be placed in the construction sites.

In simpler terms, the IoT devices are the ones that are always connected to the internet. The computers, cellphones, smart speakers, field sensors, smart TV, wearable technology are subtle examples of IoT devices. In the construction industry, it can be pointed out that IoT applications in the industry are relatively slow when it comes to the implementation. Nevertheless, with the help of monitoring, the efficiency, productivity, and safety of the industry increased at an alarming rate.

To improve efficiency in the construction industry is a sheer nightmare. At times there are scenarios where the projects do not get delivered on time and then there is an increase in the overall cost of the production. The most challenging aspect of construction is in concrete. In the long run, the scheduling of the tracking and directing concrete must be done in a precise manner. Eventually, this will allow critical activities such as removal of formwork to happen.

The internet connected devices such as IoT helps at monitoring the concrete maturity with the help of temperature probes which are often connected to the internet. One of the most significant properties of these tools is that they communicate in real time which helps in processing data by simplifying decision making.

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