Connected IoT for Classrooms

by | Apr 10, 2019 | IoT News

The present-day world is ever-changing, and people always see new things come and go, advancement is everywhere. But there is still that one sphere which always remains behind the further development, and that is “education.”

According to 2018 WEF Future of Jobs Report, the recent breakthroughs in the technology industry has been diminishing the fine line between the Terminator type of automated machine tasks as well as human jobs. Nevertheless, even with so much advancement people around the world are still unprepared as to what is going on.

The world has entered a paradigm shift with the emergence of global interconnectivity. The Internet of Things has given rise to the worldwide interconnectivity which manages to reach out the devices and the objects that were previously disconnected.

People around the world use the internet for everything now, and when it comes to different industries, IoT is widely used in cars and ships, farming & manufacturing equipment even for commercial uses and in medical devices. Some of the city municipal infrastructures are also dependent on the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things has been changing the industry by bringing forward “Industry 4.0,” the next phase of the industrial revolution and in healthcare. But nowhere IoT is being used in the educational sector. The education system can become efficient with IoT in the classroom. The Internet of Things has the potential to reform the educational system and provide infinite solutions to some of the fundamental problems: the shortage of textbooks and educators.

IoT can revolutionize the conventional educational system in no time, but there are two obstacles that come into play: Security and Cost. Nevertheless, every technology has its cons and pros in some sectors. And advanced classroom with a smart whiteboard and internet to finish the students’ homework or classwork is possible only with the Internet of Things.

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