On Monday, Pareteum Corporation is said to be now itself established in a better way in the cloud communications platforms. Now, recently the company has already announced that  Coniq which is one of Europe’s leading CRM and Loyalty providers for all retail destinations has selected them so that they can provide them with all IoT management as well as connectivity for Coniq’s portfolio.

It is been said that  Pareteum will be helping them in providing some of the best and secure connectivity. Apart from that all, it too will manage all the smart loyalty tracking devices as well as from at points of sale which is being operated by Coniq clients via Europe.

If you look at the tracking device of  Coniq, it helps in gathering all data on the behavior, visits, loyalty reward and spending patterns of the customers. All the data is now being used by Coniq and the clients help in devising more things in a very effective manner for all engagement purposes.

With this commencement of the new partnership, it is now been seen that it will give valuable access to all kinds of valuable data as well as other insights.  All the things are said to be secure as well as in a cost-effective manner are located via devices.  With all these things in place, Coniq will surely get benefit from this tie-up.

Pareteum is a company which uses a single source of connection so that it can create, deliver and can do some best rapid scalling of all API-driven communications.  It too helps in delivering all unrivaled combination that is near to analytics, engagement, mobility as well as intelligence services.

As per William Hodge, who is the head of delivery at Coniq, said that an effective customer and the engagement from them helps a lot to the business. You can see some of the high-quality data that are generated from the smart device network and it is very much essential for all business where we are able to manage all these things in a better way.

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