Companies need to have critical thinking about IoT

by | Jun 18, 2019 | IoT News

For the last ten years or more, the promise of having everything interconnected has intrigued the world. And now the original concept of the internet is free from the desktop computer. Moreover, it is heading out everywhere and getting implemented into a vast array of devices ranging from home appliances, wearable electronics to business machinery.

Several organizations, governments, and companies around the world are busy in deploying the billions of sensors by connecting it to the internet. And thus, the Internet of Things was born. The Internet of Things focuses on automating tasks by capturing as much data as possible by streamlining operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Some of the chief technology officer and vice president of companies even provide Internet of Things services which aggregates the data from the significant sensor system. On the other hand, there have also been numerous experimentations with the Internet of Things system which have given rise to substantial expectations.

In the beginning, the IoT was considered to be simply an overly-hyped technological concept which is currently changing the way people work, live & play. Mostly it also produces an enormous amount of data.

In simpler terms, data is power. Nevertheless, the information is credible as long as a human mind can perceive it. And this is the only significant problem of deploying Internet of Things in every single way possible. It is also safe to say that this scenario is more like a human being drinking from an extinguisher. The unstructured data has a bad habit of getting flooded, and this can be a severe burden on the foundation of organizations.

The processing power and the storage capacities are advancing in terms of bounds and leaps. On the other hand, the IT infrastructure also has its limits. The flooding of massive IoT data can overwhelm the resources of a company as well as the demand by simply pulling the plug or by making an enormous investment in IT.

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