Combining Internet of Things devices and cloud Services

by | Aug 14, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

In terms of Internet of Things, cutting-edge cloud services play a crucial role. Moreover, it also allows the developers in distributing the perfect amount of computing between the digital remote services and edge devices. On the other hand, the architecture also opens up the unprecedented potential for a massive amount of solutions.

The said potential services allow the devices along with cloud services into working with the communication channels that users robust speed. It is also important to point out that the devices need robust two-way communicating straight from the core physical layer to the application layer.

It doesn’t matter how much sophisticated the IoT edge-to-cloud communications become, everything that matters is a cutting-edge two-way communication concerning the internet alongside remote service and device. The when innovation begins at the transportation layer, the device-to-cloud discussions come into being with UDP, and TCP channels.

By the looks of it, TCP is reliable as well as connection-oriented, which also suggests that each data packet which is sent needs the utter and straight forward acknowledgment about receiving. However, massive reliability also brings more exceptional businesses. Also, considering an IoT application, the robust TCP header might be massive than the payload as well.

UDP is often said to be quite connectionless as well as unreliable, which suggests it would give rise to the subtle loss of data packets concerning speed. TCP is often used where the data gets through; on the other hand, UDP gets employed where there is a subtle loss of data.

At the application layer, the HTTP becomes one of the underlying protocols for communication-based on the internet. In the beginning, the application layer was curated as a model of request-response that comes from distinctive client-server.

Azure Internet of Things hub provides a robust solution when it comes to connecting the IoT devices to the internet.

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