Combining AI and employees in IoT will yield better results

by | Aug 13, 2019 | IoT Companies

Whenever a company or a firm comes forward and tell about their stance on the IoT projects, these people are often asked about the challenges that they have gone through. One of the most challenging aspects of adopting IoT is by making the employees utilize new technology.

Moreover, when the employees change their way to work. They are in a rush for adopting a mild technological solution which would improve their businesses in the long run. Moreover, the managers even forget to inform the employees about how they would handle the information which would be delivered by the cutting-edge, connected devices. Sometimes, the employees are also needed to process the information which is usually provided by the connected devices.

Some employees are going to be miffed as to how they can do something all through a computer. Moreover, the employees also have to put input data, which would make computation better. Furthermore, counteracting the efforts concerning the Luddites that rebel at the inception of any technology would lead to avoiding the opportunities that are missed. It doesn’t involve the workers to implement digital transformation. 

On the other hand, researchers from Intel also know the ways by which they can combine Artificial Intelligence with workers. By the looks of it, this would make every single person working in the company happy.

Faith McCreary, the principal engineer of IIoT and Irene Petrick, industrial innovation director of Intel, has surveyed in the meantime. Moreover, these key individuals did spend quite some time to study over which the company generates. Sources suggest that they have also had a word with the customers of Intel concerning their efforts and expectation. The duo brought the first-ever report back in April 2018. In addition to this, the pair also said that their story would become public by the end of 2019.

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