Cities need to adoption IoT to jumpstart innovation

by | Aug 12, 2019 | IoT News

It is only a few years ago that the cops had to rely on the residents to get the gunshot reports. The calls came from a few houses across the neighborhood. However, it was tough for the police officers to point the location of where the crime took place.

As of now, law enforcement officers can easily use technology, namely gunshot detection with the help of the Internet of Things. These devices can quickly pinpoint the location of the crime. The police officers can easily reach out to the scene of the crime without wasting any time.

In addition to this, IoT systems can quickly identify types as well as numbers of weapons that assailants have used. By the looks of it, this gives the respondents the information they need to collect the data & respond with proper accuracy as well as speed. Cisco estimates that the data generated by the Internet of Things devices will be around 500 zettabytes by the beginning of 2020.

Over time, the number is going to as more and more devices turn into IoT exponentially. According to Gartner, around 6.5 billion IoT devices came into being in the year 2016. However, the number of IoT devices would exceed 20 billion by the year 2020. The real challenge that lies ahead of the public officials is in consuming the Internet of Things data. Using the data can be tough, and most importantly, it might be a little complicated.

The cities around the world should use low-cost sensors to aid in reducing & preserving resources. In terms of execution, the cities would need installation of something extraordinarily complex and expensive. Moreover, it is essential to maintain the infrastructure. Most of the cities, as well as local government, are already trying to upgrade their infrastructure. The best thing that the cities could do is secure the funds to deploy smart city projects.

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