Cisco’s IoT platform offers services to Carbyne NG911

by | Apr 11, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

The worldwide pioneer in public safety technology, Carbyne has reportedly announced that it is working together with Cisco, an acclaimed global leader in the Information Technology as well as a secure networking technology. Together the two key players in the technology industry are going to deliver the solutions based on the cloud as well as the Internet of Things to make emergency dispatch centers come to life.

The unification between the two companies is going to make the next-gen technology based on emergency services a success. The emergency services of Carbyne will be embedded within Cisco’s acclaimed Kinetic for Cities. By the looks of it, Cisco’s Kinetic for Cities is a cutting edge explicitly secure data platform based on the Internet of Things. Kinetic for Cities provide automated data sharing around the infrastructure of a community, connected devices, smart city solutions along with applications.

According to the sources, Carbyne is the only 911 solution which is available in the Marketplace of Cisco. Some additional solutions come into existence with the social worker safety, international emergency numbers as well as private safety. With the new solution, the emergency service providers are offered an option where they can either choose a data-rich plugin NG911 for the systems based on legacy or call-handling ecosystem based on the cloud. None of the alternatives need any replacement when it comes to the default infrastructure or solutions.

The Founder and CEO of Carbyne, Amir Elichai said that he is working alongside Cisco to provide the distinctive governmental agencies along with emergency services the tools that are needed to tackle the cutting edge digitized technologies to provide a safe environment to the citizens. On the other hand, both the organizations are going to be tremendously benefited from this collaboration.

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