Cisco would benefit Farming Communities in Kerala with IoT

by | Jul 8, 2019 | IoT Companies

The computer networking giant across the globe Cisco is combining its forces with the Kerala State IT Mission via an MoU. With the mission, Cisco would benefit the farmer communities in Kerala with robust data science applications and the Internet of Things. According to the sources, the first phase of the initiative will make its way to fifteen distinctive panchayats of Kannur district.

The MoU oversees that Cisco would build a platform, namely, Agri-Digital Infrastructure, and set it up in the VKCs. The platform would provide both access and delivery of knowledge and enhance e-learning. On the other hand, ADI is all set to provide advisory service to the fishing as well as the farming communities of Kannur.

Moreover, ADI Platform would provide significant access to the datastore alongside complete data of the farming of prawns and paddy. The platform would also deliver the access of data to farmer and land profile databases.

By the looks of it, the datastore would run with the mind-boggling analytics of Cisco as well as computer engines. It garners the insights of the yielding of crops, quality of soil, plant disease patterns, the content of moisture.

In the long run, Cisco’s ADI Platform from Cisco would turn into a central hub to deliver and garner knowledge. It would also provide recommendations based on data. The insights from ADI would improve the overall agricultural planning, and it would reduce the crop mortality risk and costs of operations.

ADI Platform would incorporate the Internet of Things sensors for building a state-of-the-art Agricultural Platform. The platform would also include satellite/UAV images, Non-IoT databases. 

Cisco wants the platform to provide soil content intelligence in real-time. Also, Cisco plan that ADI would also provide real-time knowledge of weather conditions, moisture, other significant parameters. The farmers would also be able to access essential information regarding government policies to attain maximum benefits in the long run.

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