Cisco Vs. Sierra Wireless: Which IoT is better?

by | Mar 18, 2019 | IoT News

When it comes to the Internet of Things industry, NASDAQ: CSCO and NASDAQ: SWIR are considered to the significant players. The Internet of Things is witnessing a massive growth comprising the multiple devices which are generally connected as well as the cloud.

Sierra is the massive 2G, 3G, and 4G module and gateway maker in the world, the network frequency is often embedded in their modules as well as the gateways. On the other hand, Cisco is the most significant producer of the network switches as well as routers. Nevertheless, for almost a year, the shares of Sierra has seen a considerable decline. Sierra has lost around 25% of the shares in the last 12 months whereas Cisco’s shares have declined to almost 20% in the previous 52 weeks.

Sierra turned out to be a dominant player in the machine-to-machine components as it acquired a wide array of small scale wireless companies around the world. Sierra’s business is often split into three different divisions such as enterprise, OEM, and IoT solutions. In the fourth quarter, divisions have brought seventy-four percent, fifteen percent as well as 11 percent.

After Sierra acquired Numerex the acclaimed machine-to-machine enterprise solution in the year 2017, the company has seen a maximum profit. Nevertheless, the market share in the PC market, as well as networking, has given rise to a significant deceleration in the last quarter.

Whereas the switch and router divisions of Cisco have been growing slowly; however, the demand has been growing in the last few quarters as Cisco is making upgrades when it comes to big enterprise. Cisco has also managed to diversify the business as it acquired some companies for strong-arming its security and applications unit.

Cisco has begun combining its software with its hardware to beat its competitors and boost its revenue. Seventy-five of the company’s revenue came from products where 25% came from services. And due to this Cisco is the clear winner where it comes to the heightening of the Internet of Things market.

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