Cisco and La Trobe University join forces to facilitate IoT

by | Sep 12, 2019 | IoT News

The La Trobe University of Melbourne, as well as Cisco, have reportedly signed up an agreement for collaborating in different things. By the looks of it, these things are related to the Internet of Things, ranging from research to skill and technology development.

The crucial part & the entirety of the agreement is Cisco has also created a brand new role in the company. The role would be to teach undergraduates as well as postgraduates about the IoT. Furthermore, they would also lead research which can provide the development of the IoT solutions for solving real-world problems.

The university recently said that it is currently unclear as to who would take the responsibility or role. However, the designated person would be acknowledged internationally in research and teaching. In addition to this, Cisco would also curate a presence for Co-Innovation Centre at the campus of the university.

By the looks of it, Cisco is also expecting that space is going to serve an essential place for many researchers. In addition to this, it will also aid the small-to-medium firms along with significant corporate in curating the solutions together in several areas such as smart cities, agriculture technology & the Internet of Things.

La Trobe’s establishment center would expand the Co-Innovation footprint of Cisco. Currently, the university has different sites located across Perth and Sydney. In addition to this, the partnership would also offer the university in accessing the programs that Cisco has, such as IoT module for Networking Academy, entrepreneurship, and cybersecurity. It would also provide access to the Digital School Network of the company, which would allow students and educators to participate in schools across the world for sharing resources.

Ken Boal, the vice president of New Zealand and Cisco Australia, said that the partnership would support the basic upskilling of the students in different technological areas which are currently needed.

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