BT’s latest venture will help the water supply of Northumbrian to get smart

by | Mar 6, 2019 | IoT News

Reportedly, BT managed to secure a contract with Northumbrian Water Group for supplying low powered Internet of Things network for boosting efficiency via an improved operational insight.

By the looks of it, around 150 sensors are going to be deployed all through the network. On the other hand, it will monitor things like quality, water flow as well as pressure. The sensors are going to be connected with a long range, low power, more extensive area of network LoRaWAN and later it will provide feedback to the IoT platform of BT network.

BT’s Managing Director of Marketing, Strategy as well as Digital, Chris Sims said that the company is extremely excited for deploying the Internet of Things platform as well as LoRaWAN network which will provide insight along with connectivity required for delivering a utterly operational network of Smart Water for the Northumbrian Water Group.

It acts as a great example as to how the Internet of Things work and can be utilized for delivering a better experience to the customers. Now that many companies are working on the 5G network, the implementation of 5G will provide ample benefits to the users such as high speed, lower latency, and greater reliability.

Northumbrian Water will use the Internet of Things platform to access the unique visual representation of the network altogether. The potential issues can be countered very easily that will furthermore help to reduce the cost and at the same time prevent disrupting the customers’ services.

The utilization of LoRaWAN is ensuring that the sensors are going to have great battery life when the Internet of Things platform works right alongside the infrastructure of Northumbrian Water. The joint collaboration of Northumbrian and BT are going to be deployed in more than three distinctive areas located in Sunderland.

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