Bronwyn Nielsen will host the massive IoT event in Africa

by | Mar 25, 2019 | IoT News

Bronwyn Nielsen is the third most renowned broadcaster and she is also deemed to be the most respected and well experienced broadcasters in Africa. According to the sources, Nielsen will feature in the 3rd Internet of Things Forum Africa. The famous and acclaimed broadcaster will helm the role of host of the most awaited IoT Forum. The 2019 IoT Forum Africa is going to take place in Johannesburg’s Gallagher Convention in the heart of South Africa. The event is going to run for a couple of days., 26th March to 27th March.

By the looks of it, Nielsen is having an experience of 25 years in broadcasting in Africa. On the other hand, she is also the CEO and founder of Nielsen Associates. For a term of four years starting from 2013-2017, Nielsen took the role of Editor-in-Chief at the African media outlet of CNBC. During those four years, Nielsen was responsible for setting the agenda of the content for the companies that came under ABN Group. Nielsen was also tasked to drive the strategic growth of the group across all the African continent.

In the year 2017 & 2018, Bronwyn acted as a chairperson for panel discussions and debates at several events on World Economic Forum which includes the list of South Africa, Switzerland, China, and UAE.

Most of the time, Nielsen was asked by the leading institutes and organizations like ABN Group, Milken Institute as well as African Development Bank for moderating the crucial sessions at the worldwide events.

Bronwyn Nielsen’s expertise in media and mass communication as well as in the deep understanding of finance and business makes her perfect for hosting the Internet of Things Forum Africa in 2019. Most of the government leaders, Chairmen, CEOs, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Ministers from Africa take her advice when it comes to media strategy.

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