Brazn, an IoT start-up bags $3.65m via crowdfunding

by | May 28, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The builder IoT or Internet of Things platform Brazn has reportedly raise USD 3.65 million through a massive seed funding. According to the sources, the funding was massively successful as the Tin Men Fund I had aided Branz was maximum profit. Tin Men Fund I is a critically acclaimed B2B firm that focuses on venture capital in the Southeastern part of Asia.

Brazn, an Internet of Things start-up based in Singapore, said that the company had made plans of utilizing a segment of its investment to curate end-to-end highly secured facility solution, Buildos. The start-up also said that it also wants to curate a dedicated smart retail solution called Retailr.

The significant part of the funding is going to cover the next breakthrough that the company is trying to fathom. By the looks of it, the company is also making plans to launch the cutting edge agriculture solution, Agrios. So far, a significant number of tech leaders haven’t yet focused on unifying agricultural requirement with the Internet of Things.

Adrian Lee founded the start-up in the year 2016 in July. Additionally, Ong Su Hui, a dedicated technologist and Ariff Razak, an expert in user-experience are also the eminent co-founders of the start-up. The initial vision of the company was to use the open-source Internet of Things application for addressing numerous business problems.

In the year 2017, the start-up brought its first core platform to life in the year 2017. Later in the year 2018, Brazn launched Retailr, Buildos & Agrios. The company also said that within a year of its inception, they have successfully launched numerous successful pilots across Thailand and Malaysia.

Singapore’s Monetary Authority has licensed the B2B firm, Tin Men which made a firm a big hit around Singapore. The Monetary Authority first started working with Brazn to go through the crowdfunding deal before Tin Men took over.

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