BMW and Microsoft pairs up an Open IoT Manufacturing Platform

by | Apr 3, 2019 | IoT Companies

By the looks of it, an OMP or Open Manufacturing Platform is all set to be built on the cloud platform of Microsoft Azure. With OMP, Microsoft plans to partner with four to six partners by 2019 end. Azure is going to help in the growth of the ecosystem which will help to build futuristic Industry 4.0 solutions. The segment of the smart factory is looking forward to the uprising of 5G networking. Nevertheless, every new concept welcomes skepticism.

The EVP of AI Group and Microsoft Cloud, Scott Guthrie said that the software giant is going to combine its forces with the BMW Group where the companies can transcend the efficiency of digital production across the industry. The EVP claims that they are committing to build an open source community which will eventually create new opportunities to collaborate across the whole value chain in manufacturing.

BMW’s board member, Oliver Zipse said that since 2016 the company has been relying on the cloud and this the reason as to why the company has been consistent with developing brand new approaches. Open Manufacturing Platform is the next step of evolution, and this is the reason why BMW is making plans to make their solutions available for the significant other companies. In the long run, this combination will jointly leverage the potential in securing the necessary position of the company in the market for a very long time.

When it comes to the partnership between BMW and Microsoft Azure, both Microsoft and BMW have produced over 3,000 robots, machines as well as autonomous systems for transportation. The IoT platform of the BMW group is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The crucial element what made BMW Group and Microsoft Azure IoT platform come together was the openness and transparency in production and manufacturing.

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