Bluetooth has a significant role in IIoT

by | Sep 2, 2019 | IoT Technology

Bluetooth technology is often considered to be a very efficient and consumer-friendly tech that which the connectivity between wireless devices seamless. Bluetooth can be found in several devices such as headsets, automobile, portable speakers, among others. In addition to this, billions of people rely on Bluetooth in day to day activities.

Chuck Sabin, the Senior Director of the Market Development of Bluetooth SIG, said that the technology is proliferating. Moreover, technology plays a vital role in the Industrial Internet of Things. The technology is well suited for enterprise as well as consumer markets. Furthermore, it is easier to implement Bluetooth as it consumes low power. Bluetooth is omnipresent and enjoys global awareness of around 90% along with multiple interoperability of the vendors.

Bluetooth also offers a fixed low cost and garners a massive amount of economies in terms of scale. Bluetooth is already curated and present in a wide array of products such as smart speakers, wearables, and several other devices. There is a highly likely chance that the IIoT deployment leverages Bluetooth technology would allow enterprises in building the proprietary solution. Furthermore, this would aid in building an entire proprietary solution for using different wireless systems in the environments and smart-building.

The inception and the introduction of the Bluetooth Version 5 brought flexibility. Bluetooth 5 also provided more extended range along with higher speed, which supports many reliable connections in a wide array of connectivity of the devices. The Bluetooth 5 is found in noisy, large environments such as commercial and industrial spaces. 

In the year 2017, Bluetooth Mesh extended the Core specification of Bluetooth. It also enables the industrial-grade communication among several devices in a single enterprise of a massive industry. On the other hand, the Bluetooth SIG bring in a new direction along with directional finding feature for the Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth SIG brings excellent precision to the systems that have location-services.

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