Blue Pillar introduces Internet of Things partnership program

by | Apr 17, 2019 | IoT Companies

One of the leaders in providing network solutions based on the Internet of Things as well as control systems and data has reportedly announced that it will launch a new Building Blocks Partnership Program with more than 30 new members. By the looks of it, the size and the breadth of the partnership program is going to make the Building Blocks Partnership Program as one of the massive Internet of Things partnership programs of all time.

The partners of Blue Pillar are offering a market-leading Internet of Things technology, deployment, system enablement, consultation as well as value-added applications along with cutting edge services. The newly reformed services complement the ability of the company in building and operating the best-in-class as well as facility-based Internet of Things platform with the help of the critically acclaimed Aurora control and connectivity platform.

On the other hand, the partnership also led to the combination of numerous end-to-end solutions such as Commercial and Industrial facility operator with the cost-effective Internet of Things networking options as well as unprecedented flexibility. With the help of these partnerships, the information of the facilities will be able to leverage in making them much more efficient, sustainable and resilient in the future.

The blue pillar firmly believes that an ecosystem which involves numerous best-in-class companies will be enough to fuel up an open unification and acceleration in adopting the new energy applications and services, according to the CEO of Blue Pillar, Tom Willie.

Conventional control and connectivity of the network in energy space need specialized networks which are installed to an important application of a specific vendor. The Building Blocks Partnership Program is the first of its kind partnership program that showcases as to how the Internet of Things network will have complete liberty from the connected equipment and sensors.

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