Blockchain and Data privacy in the era of IoT

by | Jun 25, 2019 | IoT News

The Internet of Things has revolutionized the world by connecting it for a new tomorrow. On the other hand, IoT has also brought forward a broad aspect of opportunities in the issue of data sharing and communication, taking place among various platforms. Nevertheless, it is still a mystery to know if the personal information of a person is protected.

In the meantime, blockchain technology is also turning into a revolutionary tool which can protect HIPAA medical data as well as personal information. Even society likes robust accessibility and wireless connectivity at all times. The privacy of data should be the priority in the era, which is driven by the Internet of Things technology.

Data privacy is very crucial in the health care and medical industry. The constituency in the US constructed HIPAA in the year 1996 to aid in preventing fraud. By the look of it, HIPAA also oversees the coverage of the default conditions when an individual changes his/her job or insurance providers.

For a long time now, HIPAA also ensures the protection and security of the medical records, which ensures better privacy of the patent. Since its inception, HIPAA has been providing a better way of disposing of the records only to protect the data of the patient. In addition to this, shredding the documents isn’t an option, and this is where the groundbreaking blockchain technology comes into action.

Blockchain comes with the ability to provide the best option to store the medical record along with a robust allotment solution. Healthcare facilities must opt for a significant HIPAA risk analysis before shifting to a new blockchain project. If a healthcare facility does this, then the blockchain project will be able to address the existing vulnerability in the system. Blockchain along with Internet of Things are going to change the world as people know it. Moreover, this is happening sooner than expected.

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