Big Data and IoT can deal with Natural Disasters

by | Apr 20, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

India has been facing the crisis of natural disaster for a long time now. The country has an inefficient infrastructure that oversees disaster management. The failure of the country in coping with the natural disasters such as dust storms of 2018, 2016 incident related to forest fires at Uttarakhand, earthquakes in Kashmir and the devastating Kerala floods have already showcased the incompetence of the country to cope with the natural phenomenon. So, the adaption of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, big data will reignite the hope of the country and its people for saving the lives of thousands when disasters stikes.

The Internet of Things devices is usually an embedded system which is capable enough to run even on the low powered electronic like Bluetooth. The Internet of Things devices are comprised of Telecom network which is powered by 4G LTE or LTE-A, gateways of the Internet, edge devices and last but not the least software platform. IoT can bring together the device vendors, providers of application, network provider, platform providers and lastly end users. IoT ultimately enables the industrial applications along with umpteen residential applications which deliver robust results.

The social media allows people, to post and share photos and videos with the world and in the country from anywhere at any time of the day. The world of digitalization is surrounded by social media which helps the people in keeping tabs on the things of their interest. With social media, it is easier to keep tracks of the incidents 24x7. Here, big data analytics can aid the people in analyzing the depth of the critical data in real time and then the individual or a group of people can utilize it in the real world. The data recorded by the Internet of Things are often stored in the cloud.

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