BeStrorm X makes IoT Device testing possible

by | Apr 23, 2019 | IoT Companies

The Ubiquitous Al Corporation based in Japan and Beyond Security based in the US combined their forces to curate and launched the black-box fuzzer BeStorm X. By the looks of it, BeStorm X is a vulnerable verification tool which the international companies specifically designed for testing the Internet of Things devices. On the other hand, both the vendors also claim that that the tool is a combination of the 7.6.8 version of BeStorm as well as the Internet of Technologies of UAC.

On top of that, the vendors also said that the BeStrom X is proficient enough to test both known and unknown vulnerabilities of Internet of Things devices. The creation is more like an Internet of Things software that influences the core in finding the patches which are missing under the underlying OS, wrong configuration along with some of the other weaknesses which are often included in the custom-made protocols.

The vendors have made sure that the BeStorm X will be able to run the quality assurance technique which can be utilized in discovering the errors in coding as well as the loopholes in the security of the operating systems as well as the connected network. And this can be achievable via fuzz testing or fuzzing. Fuzzer helps to find the source of vulnerability.

By the looks of it, BeStorm X is heading towards the vendors of the Internet of Things, the commercialized end users as well as certification testers. The price of the end-user starts from $9,500, and it raises depending on the number of protocols and seats which are needed to undergo testing.

Other than BeStorm and BeStorm X there is another remarkable and robust vulnerability management and assessment tool called Beyond Security or BeSecure. It also provides services based on PCI ASV.

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