Best IoT Platforms To Look Out For In 2019

by | Feb 19, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

Internet of Things or the IoT technology is an organization of interconnected computing devices, entities, automatic and digital machinery, individuals or creatures that are provided with UIDs (unique identifiers), and the ability to transfer data or information through a network without any need of interactions between human to human and human to a computer device.

The objective of a single IoT device is to create a connection with other IoT devices and applications to communicate information via internet transfer protocols. Now, there are many companies involved in the building of IoT platforms. Here we have listed a few of them for your reference.

1. AWS or Amazon Web Services

Owned by Amazon, AWS provides users with hosting and management of services on the internet.

Several giant corporations use this amazing Amazon IoT platform for hosting, managing and organizing the infrastructure of this company. This IoT platform comes with a host of benefits for its customers including the likes of cloud-based data storage solutions, infrastructure management services, content and application transfer services, and complete database management.

2. Google Cloud IoT

Google Cloud platform is a global cloud provider that also deals with IoT solutions. Its package allows users to build and manage IoT systems of any size and complexity.

Google cloud IoT solutions come with a variety of services enabling the creation of IoT based networks:

  • Cloud IoT Core: It acts as the heart of the Google Cloud IoT suite, allowing connections between devices and gathers their data.
  • Cloud Pub/Sub: It is the service that processes event data providing real-time stream analytics.

Cloud Machine Learning Engine: It allows the building of ML models and the use of data collected from IoT devices.

3. Salesforce IoT

Salesforce is focusing its IoT development effort on the creation of an integrated system connecting IoT-based devices with their customers right within the Salesforce structure.

The primary goal is to make this IoT data accessible to anyone.

With the help of Salesforce IoT, you will be able to create custom IoT applications that can connect any device and interpret its data for further use.

4. Oracle IoT

A worldwide software corporation, Oracle is known for its advanced solutions.

The Oracle IoT platform connects the company’s software to real devices and their metrics. Oracle IoT offers a flexible environment for building an application for commercial purposes.

5. IBM Watson IoT

The IBM Watson IoT platform offers services like control of remote devices, secure and smooth data transmission and cloud storage, and actual data exchange.

IBM Watson IoT also considers the latest technological developments, thereby, offering the choice of using IoT for construction of AI applications and machine learning.

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