Banyan and M&M introduce IoT device

by | Jun 11, 2019 | IoT Companies

M&M Systems based at Ormond Beach is a complete division M&M Refrigeration, has recently announced that it has partnered with an IoT company, Banyan Hill Technology. According to the recent announcement, the partnership will provide a software solution which will be perfect for the industry such as industrial refrigeration.

M&M Pulse, a cloud-based software would leverage the pre-existing Internet of Things technologies for providing visibility into facility options. Moreover, the system feeds data in real-time to the dashboard, which is responsible for carrying out cost reduction capabilities, data analysis, and automation.

According to the sources, at GCCE, Global Cold Chain Expo, M&M Systems will launch new software. The Expo will be held in Chicago; on the other hand, the Expo will run for the 10th of June to the 12th of Jun.

The software will bring an increased rate of transparency, which would increase general data access. Moreover, it will also allow the operators and the facility owners for maximizing efficiency by responding well to the safeguarding events. The Florida company said that M&M Pulse can easily be integrated across hundreds of facilities and also a single facility. According to the company, M&M Pulse delivers an effective way of centralizing the data & perfectly understand the Key Performance Indicators, which are extremely important.

M&M Refrigeration’s president, Chad Riedel said that they are in control of the business for almost 29 years. And this extensive experience helps the company to completely understand the needs and necessities of the end users for running the facilities with ease.

The modernization of the facilities based on refrigeration facilities all through the IoT implementations for improving the way the factory owners and operators work and track the dexterity of the safety issues and power consumption, according to the founder and CEO of Banyan Hills Technologies.

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