According to the latest IoT news, the MD & CEO of BIAL is now deploying technological innovations and techniques at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru to provide the best and most convenient travel experience to the passengers.

The Bangalore International Airport will soon experience a new transformation. The deployment of AI, ML, and IoT will offer many passenger facilities at the airport. It will improve Airside performance, facilitation on-time flight departure. A powerful IT infrastructure for supporting future technologies, using IoT, AI, and deep-learning would make way for transformation, ensuring data security.

The airport will soon feature biometric boarding. The MD & CEO of BIAL, Hari Marar said, “To use this technology, the passenger must create a DigiYatra ID with a one-time validation of his/ her Aadhaar or any other Government-approved ID, followed by one-time facial recognition at the Airport kiosk.”

Apart from this, improvement will also be made in the check-out and check-in process, making the entire thing frictionless and convenient. Marar explained, “Passengers will breeze through the security-check area in less than five minutes, reducing stress levels for passengers. Our concerted efforts are to introduce innovative and interactive digital solutions that will create value for our passengers and concessionaires.”

BIAL has a large team working on this project of giving a new and technologically advanced shape to the airport. Around sixteen new and advanced digital initiatives will be implemented in different stages starting from conceptualization to deployment.

Speaking about this project, Marar said, “This project is going to be central to the way we reshape our business, and our partnership with Unisys is structured over a five-year period that allows us to build up our ‘in-house’ capabilities throughout the partnership. We strongly believe that in the future technology will be at the heart of airport operations.”

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