Azure Sphere promises IoT Devices will have secure connections

by | Mar 7, 2019 | IoT News

This week the tech giant Microsoft has introduced a new concept called the “Guardian Modules.” Here the microcontroller units embedded with Azure Sphere can be utilized for enabling secured connections for the previous generations of the Internet of Things devices.

Given that the Azure Sphere is still under the preview stage, it is comprised of an SoC which has security capabilities, memory, and processing with an addition to this, and it is also a Linux-based operating system which the tech giant first revealed to the world in 2018 for supporting the Internet of Things devices.

Azure Sphere MCUs only connects with Azure Sphere Security Service, and this is the basic concept of connecting the Sphere. When both the devices combine they provide with many benefits such as delivering automatic updates and health check capabilities. By the looks of it, the microcontroller units of Azure Sphere can be used in the Internet of Things’ greenfield or new rollouts. But the tech giant itself claims that the Azure Sphere is going to support the older version of IoT deployments called “brownfield.”

Support the older version of IoT devices is possible when the Azure Sphere MCUs acts as the Guardian Modules for the IoT devices which are already existing. It is the Guardian Module which permits the older version of the Internet of Things pieces of equipment which has been disconnected for the distinctive security reasons. Later the older version of IoT devices turns into connected units by merely adding a brand new value in Microsoft.

When the Azure Sphere acts as the Guardian Modules, the microcontroller units of the sphere will connect with the security service of the Azure Sphere as a representative of the old “brownfield” Internet of Things devices. The arrangement is also able to protect the IoT pieces of equipment from cyber attacks by ensuring that the data can only transmit via trust cloud and communication partners of the devices.

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