Averna has introduced a range of development equipment which facilitates real-time asset monitoring.

The Averna ConnexThing Toolkits help customers in quickly connecting the existing and new manufacturing test facets to PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform. Each of the toolkits aims at a particular test sequencer or programming language for accelerating the deployment and implementation of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution with ThingWorx.

The ConnexThing Toolkit for NI TestStand that is available now for download streamlines connection in between the ready-to-run Test Managing software of TestStand and the end-to-end IoT platform of ThingWorx. It comes with templates, widgets, data shapes, and dashboard instances which easily connect the test stations.

Jean-Levy Beaudoin, VP Platforms & Innovation for Averna, said, “The Averna ConnexThing Toolkit is the first in a series of new operational technology (OT) solutions designed to help clients gain insight on manufacturing and test processes and deploy Smart Connected Operations.” Further, he explained, “By leveraging the power of PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform together with our test assembly automation and machine vision expertise, Averna is uniquely qualified to help organizations achieve their digital transformation, enabling further productivity and quality improvement.”

The Vice President of Manufacturing Strategy and Solutions at PTC, JP Provencher, said, “PTC is pleased to have Averna in the PTC Partner Network, allowing for their recognized quality and test expertise to be made readily available to ThingWorx customers.” Further, he added, “The ThingWorx extensions they have built help manufacturing companies improve test and quality processes by making them connected, real-time, predictive, and augmented.”

According to the latest IoT news, the ConnexThing Toolkit for NI TestStand- accelerates the integration of ThingWorx with TestStand, facilitates bi-directional communication, and provides support for clean architecture and code.