Avalue Technology unveils Healthcare solutions based on IoT

by | Apr 22, 2019 | IoT Technology

One of the acclaimed global embedded solution providers, Avalue Technology, has recently released a series of healthcare solutions called Avalue E Ink. By the looks of it, Avalue Technology is also a distinctive member of the Solutions Alliance of Intel’s Internet of Things. As of now, the Internet of Things is getting shaped in many industries, and this is one of the reasons why the many devices are curated with the underlying principles of the Internet of Things.

For instance, the connectivity of the smart terminals seems to be extremely energy-efficient, and on the other hand, the e-paper is most certainly the cost-effective and energy-saving technology that people around the world are keen to adopt.

When it comes to healthcare, the smart ward solution from Avalue comprises the critically acclaimed bedside terminal along with the E Ink wireless series of healthcare solution. On the other hand, it also includes E Ink series alongside E Ink note and pick-to-light. The healthcare personnel will be able to utilize the backend system for communicating with the hospitalization and rehabilitation along with the health information of the patients in real time.

The electronic transmission reduces the need for changing the cards manually, and at the same time, it also increases the efficiency of the healthcare personnel. And in the meantime, the transmission also decreases the writing and labeling error along with the cost of the hospital charges. Smart paperless management also comes to life with this technology. And this, in turn, keeps the wards in the hospital free from the artificial lighting condition which usually disturbs the rests of the patients.

With the help of this technology, hundreds of the chain stores can easily be updated with cutting edge merchandise information as well as pricing in a few minutes. According to the sources, the technology solves the problem related to the high-extensive cost of labor in the retail industry.

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