Australia comes in the top-2 spot in the Internet of Things spending

by | Mar 1, 2019 | IoT News

Since the inception of IoT, Australia plays a vital role by investing its resources in the Internet of Things. Statistics suggest that Australia is one of the top-notch per capita spenders of the Internet of Things. This makes Australia a heavy spender in the Asia Pacific other than Japan. The revelation came from IDC an analyst firm, Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide.

By the looks of it, there is another country in Asia which is also one of the greatest spender Internet of Things technology. The smaller nations will always beat the bigger nations as far as per capita income and spending are concerned. As of now, Australia & New Zealand are currently ranking as the second as well as the third position respectively in the region according to the metric. On top of this, South Korea is at the top of the list.

IDC provided with a prediction that the region of Asia Pacific is going to lead the world as far as spending on the Internet of Things is concerned in the year 2019. The Asia Pacific currently accounts for 36.9 percent of the worldwide expenditure as far as the Internet of Things technology is concerned.

IDC says that the key drivers are predicted to be an abundance availability of the services on the back-end which are cloud-based meant for analytics as well as acquisition. One of the primary drivers of IoT will feature the deployment of 5G wireless network connectivity in places such as New Zealand, Australia as well as the Philippines.

IDC’s Associate Vice President for IoT & Telecommunications, Hugh Ujhazy said that they are at an infancy stage for adoption of IoT and development of the IoT ecosystem. The telematics, smart grids, smart homes and intelligent building are currently leading in the IoT sector.

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