Attacks on IoT increases but the weaknesses are still the same

by | Apr 2, 2019 | IoT News

When it comes to the cyber attack, the Internet of Things have been quite problematic since the beginning. F-Secure came up with a new unadulterated report which states that the threats related to the Internet of Things as well as the attacks on these things keep on increasing at a staggering rate. Nevertheless, these attacks still rely on the same weaknesses related to security such as weak passwords in the credentials and unpatched software.

According to F-Secure Labs, the treats related to the Internet of Things has doubled in the year 2018. In 365 days, the threats have grown from 19 and went all the way through 38.

The study states that most of these existing threats are still utilizing primitive and predictable techniques for compromising these devices. These threats often target the pre-existing credentials of the Internet of Things devices and some attacks are made on the unpatched vulnerabilities.

The tech giant such as Amazon and Google have been making much more strides in their smart appliances products. The ethical white hat hackers executed proof of concept hacks on the Amazon Echo back in the year 2017. Its been almost two years that the manufacturers are mass producing these products which are giving some thought to the security of these devices. A massive number of IoT smart devices are currently vulnerable to utterly simple attacks.

The threat in the Internet of Things came into prominence in the year 2014 when Gafgty affected most of the IoT devices such as DVRs as well as CCTV cameras and security solutions. Later in the year 2016, Mirai came into being, and this botnet malware was brought to life from the source code of Gafgyt. Mirai went on to become the first Internet of Things malware that achieved worldwide notoriety.

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