AT&T releases its NB-IoT network

by | Apr 30, 2019 | IoT Companies

The wireless and mobile network carrier AT&T has reportedly released its NB-IoT or Narrowband Internet of Things across the US. The NB-IoT joins the existing LTE-M network to facilitate the addition of a 2nd low-power wide-area network option for all of the Internet of Things uses.

The Senior Vice President of AT&T Internet of Things solutions, Chris Penrose took it to a blog post and said that the company is going to aid in unlocking the forthcoming wave of the Internet of Things connections around the country. And the new venture is a massive step towards 5G and the Internet of Things.

AT&T said that it is going to extend the NB-IoT connectivity to the company’s network hub located in Mexico in late 2019. And Penrose, the SVP said that it this will be a beginning of something very unique around North America.

According to Penrose, the NB-IoT has been deployed all through an upgrade at the company’s existing 4G-LTE network site. The breakthrough has been optimized explicitly to facilitate the stationary use cases that usually have basic requirements of data. For instance, the NB-IoT from AT&T can be used by the simple sensors, door locks, smart agriculture, smoke detectors as well as industrial monitors.

In the meantime, it is imperative to note that LTE-M has higher and robust bandwidth. On the other hand, the LTE-M also has the ability to complete mobility as well as software, voice, and firmware updates. According to Penrose, AT&T has deployed a few types of device on the network such as utility meters, medical wearables, the devices for managing assets and pet trackers.

The NB-IoT gave the company an edge in networking, and as of now, AT&T has two Low-Power Wide Area networks which are interdependent to carry out the tasks.

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