Atos released hardware security module for the Internet of Things ecosystems

by | May 17, 2019 | IoT Companies

Atos has recently announced the release of a Hardware Security Model for the Internet of Things. By the looks of it, HSM is a robust security device which has been curated explicitly for protecting the Internet of Things ecosystems with the help of cryptographic functionalities.

The groundbreaking HSM is a segment of the company’s Horus portfolio. HSM incorporates ‘as-a-Service’ access, a completely crucial centralized management system & IoT security services for an integrated solution.

The Horus HSM for the Internet of Things by is accessible for the applications that run in SaaS mode. Furthermore, it also enables numerous tenants that benefit ultimate encryption in a way that shows they have a dedicated HSM.

The HSM solution is divided into numerous security domains which each tenant can personalize. Also, it also acts as strongboxes that cannot be fiddled with broader levels of isolation betwixt the users, tenants, and roles. Atos’ team of security professionals can manage HSM solution remotely from anywhere in the world. The security team does not need to have physical access to provide the security solution to the customers, and this simplifies the security management of HSM & saves time.

The connected devices or objects should have a dependable identity, and this will aid in securely managing the IoT devices through a set of cryptographic keys through HSMs. The Horus HSM for the Internet of Things also comes with a key Management Center that reduces the complexity and the number of operations meant for security officers. Horus HSM also ensures a steady consistency to distribute multi-sites deployment contexts.

Furthermore, on the ‘classic’ HSM features, Horus HSM  for the Internet of Things offers embedded IoT security services like that of authentication processing and communicating devices, along with confidentiality of the transmitted data. The services are specific for the sectors of different industries, & they also follow the breakthrough IoT security protocols like LoRAWAN, M2M communication & device management IoT.

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