Aruba is curating advanced Internet of Things Cybersecurity

by | Apr 5, 2019 | IoT News

The company that comes under Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba Network has come up with another announcement this week. Aruba said that the devices are going to get attached with a network along with the ones that are already in the system. These devices are going to get fingerprint sensors on them. According to the company, this is going to help the teams of cybersecurity to apply newer and safer policies for the devices.

At the Atmosphere Conference 2019, the company has announced that it has the capability of discovering the devices by using the deep-packet combination of the machine learning abilities as well as inspection technologies. Aruba said that the cloud-based service “Aruba ClearPass Device Insight” is going to feature these newly curated capabilities.

The analytics of the device say that these new features are going to be used for informing Aruba’s ClearPass Policy Manager as well as the segment capabilities which are deeply embedded within the company’s hardware network. The features will then determine the specific policies that are needed to be applied on a never-known-before device.

The marketing manager of solutions and senior manager of products, Paul Kaspian at Aruba is responsible for overseeing security at the company. According to Kaspian, there is a need of the IoT devices such as bar code scanners to feature fingerprints at the dawn of the Internet of Things. The adaptation of fingerprint is crucial as the cybersecurity teams are not usually informed when the new devices are added to the network.Kaspian says that these devices are like exotic creatures as they have never been attached to any of the networks before. The approach of Aruba is to make things possible while enforcing the policies related to cybersecurity at a fundamental level.

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