Aruba ClearPass Device can identify the IoT devices on the network

by | Apr 3, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The enterprise company of Hewlett Packard, Aruba has reportedly launched a cloud-based software. By the looks of it, the new software is better than the previous product that the company had launched to identify the Internet of Things devices which often gets connected to wireless as well as the wired IP network.

Aruba is calling the groundbreaking device as “ClearPass Device Insight.” The company released the device on Tuesday at the Atmosphere customer & partner conference of Aruba. By the looks of it, the company aims that the product should make it to retailers, schools as well as healthcare organizations.

The medical industry often faces difficulty when it comes to tracking the medical devices such as X-ray, Kidney dialysis, MRIs, heart monitor machines among others. The ClearPass Device Insight is a solo product which has been rebuilt on the company previous identification device system, the “ClearPass Universal Profiler.”

Aruba, before releasing the ClearPass Device Insight decided to build a new product as the previous one has some flaws and limitations. According to Aruba’s senior product marketing manager, Paul Kaspian, the major drawback of the ClearPass Universal Profiler was in profiling the different IoT devices. Kaspian also said that this had been a pretty much dramatic switch from the prior approach the company took to monitor the IoT devices.

The ClearPass Device Insight is embedded in the company’s cloud. Aruba then feeds the aggregated data of the device from the customers and puts the machine learning algorithms for building an overall database on the cloud of the Internet of Things devices. With the help of this data, the device will be able to identify the hardware for the customers with a hiccup.

The base model of the device is priced at $1,260 which also includes the one-year subscription for 100 devices.

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