Around 90% of transactional data on IoT aren’t encrypted

by | May 24, 2019 | IoT Companies

A new report surfaced concerning the encrypted data in the Internet of Things devices. The report suggests that millions of connections on the Internet of Things devices in the enterprise networks have more than 40% of data which are not encrypted.

The revelation from the report also suggests that a massive number of the devices are exposed to MitM attacks. During the MitM or man-in-the-middle attack, the hacked easily intercept traffic for manipulating and stealing the data.

Zscaler, a network security firm has been behind the curation and development of the report. According to the security firm, they have been working tirelessly to collect telemetry data from different clouds of the companies. The report has covered more than 56 million Internet of Things device transactions which comes straight from 1,051 enterprise networks in a month time.

From the data that has been collected by Zscaler, around 270 of the different Internet of Things profiles originating from 153 devices have been identified of a data breach. According to Zscaler, devices such as IP cameras, smart printers, set-top boxes, IP phones, digital video recorders, data collected terminals, among others, have the potential to be affected by the hackers. Additionally, smartwatches, smart TVs, digital home assistants, medical devices, media players, digital signage media players, industrial control devices, 3D printers along with smart cars are also on the verge of being tampered.

Among all the devices, set-up boxes have the potential to go through a massive breach. Zscaler said that hackers could easily observe more than 50 percent of the set-up boxes across the globe.

Devices such as smart TVs, printers, and wearables are also extremely vulnerable. Nevertheless, the terminals of data collection are the one that generated the massive outbound data transactions, mainly over 80%. The most important revelation from the report is that more than 91.5% of the data transactions which are generally performed by the Internet of Things devices across the corporate networks aren’t encrypted.

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