ARM releases a new IoT SoC: Musca-S1

by | May 16, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

During the Samsung Foundry Forum, Arm unveiled the first-ever 28nm completely depleted DF-SOI. The release of the new SoC was the joint effort from Arm as well as Samsung Foundry. The 28nm IoT SoC, Musca-S1 is embedded with an advanced board and a MagnetoResistive RAM.

Musca-S1 is going to offer a decision to the originators of the Internet of Things deeply in their SoC. The designers have effectively executed holistic and secure IoT arrangements which empowered them to focus more on the separation of the item and in a respective time frame.

The General Manager Fellow and Vice President Gus Yeung of Arm said that the promise that was previously made to transform the world with over a trillion IoT devices isn’t far. Nevertheless, the company believes in putting up the needs to scale the IoT devices as it will deliver the technology directly to the designer, who will then evaluate and test those devices. The collaboration has led to an end-to-end result which ensures that the designers of IoT will curate a prototype of the product.

Musca-S1 follows the same fundamental principles of the previous Musca solutions. Hence, it suggests that the Musca-S1 test chipboard presently includes the evaluation and testing of the eMRAM tech. The company claims that the assessment will lead to a secure, reliable, and low-power improvement of the devices all through the safe usage of memory.

With Musca-S1 the IoT planners need a single board to merge Arm IP & programming arrangements. The planners will be able to test and evaluate the company’s end-to-end Internet of Things arrangement.

The test chip, Musca-S1 can quickly diminish the expenses, and it gives the designers with time-to-showcase adaptability by which they can repurpose the plan for the future of the items. The benefits that Musca-S1 bring the IoT industry will revolutionize the industry in a better possible way.

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