Arm launches Internet of Things’ Security Certification Testing

by | Mar 5, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

In the era of the Internet of Things connected devices. The most prominent concern of the current stage of IoT is securing the data in a chaotic world of devices which are connected to the internet 24/7. The first generation of the Internet of Things devices was completely dependent upon the on the network resources meant for data security. However, in the past few years, Arm working round the clock to provide the world a better level of security for every single IoT devices.

Arm is currently leading the race as far as providing better security to IoT devices are concerned. The company has made an abstraction of the security right through their Security Manifestos. The company has also brought ample security features related to its most efficient cores such as TrustZone to the MCUs which are used in all the things starting from controllers of engines to everyday use thermostats.

Arm made a breakthrough in its endeavour for perfecting the security of the Internet of Things by introducing the acclaimed Platform Security Architecture in the previous year. Arm then brought together the most preferred practices as well as the technology for building utterly secured solutions. As of now the company has transcended its security platform to all new heights and took the security platform to a whole new level by merely including certification testing.

Arm included three fundamental, crucial step in the development of security solutions such as Analyzing threat models as well as security analysis, implementing the sources code of the firmware and lastly architect of the hardware & specifications of firmware. But in the year 2019, Arm has come forward with another layer of security solution by completing certifying solutions with the Platform Security Architecture

Arm is working with many certification labs such as Riscure, Brightsight, UL, Riscure, and CAICT. Prove&Run acts as a security consultant of Arm.

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