Arduino will provide Cellular Connectivity for the Internet of Things Cloud

by | May 23, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

Arduino has recently launched the SIM-only service, Arduino SIM for the Internet of Things devices which is inspired from Arduino platform. Arduino aims at providing the manufacturers, and the developers access to the cellular version of the Arduino Internet of the Things Cloud platform. By the looks of it, the data plan comes from 100 countries with competitive pricing and unique data plan.

Arduino SIM aims at providing a simple path to the cellular version of the Internet of Things device development in more of a similar environment. The SIM plan from Arduino in initially launch across the United States, and later it will make its way to Europe & Asia in the summer of 2019.

Arduino Internet of Things Cloud is fully integrated with the SIM. The company wants to Democratize the cutting-edge Internet of Things technology which would make the cellular Internet of Things extremely accessible to everyone. Arduino said that from professionals to the makers of different domains can utilize Arduino in agriculture, education, retail, industrial sector, among others.

The users will be easily able to send the sensor data to different spreadsheets, databases, and alerts too. On the other hand, to utilize the Arduino IoT platform, the person doesn’t have to know to code. By simply utilizing the Webhooks, the users will be able to curate a customized Internet of Things applications.

The Arduino SIM will initially roll out the support for the pre-existing MKR GSM 1400 that comes with 3G and 2G network connectivity. The MRK GSM Arduino 1400 has been certified with X.509 based authentication, and it also supports TLS. Anyone can connect the Arduino Internet of Things Cloud to the crypto-accelerator and secure element without having to code.

Arduino also claims that the SIM can be programmed based on the user’s requirements and needs. All the user needs to do is use the open-source conventional Arduino IDE and open-source libraries.

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