Arad And Telefonica Join Hands To Deliver IoT Solutions

by | Jul 22, 2019 | IoT Companies

Arad and Telefonica, the global leaders of intelligent water meters, have joined hands to introduce a smart solution for the useful measurement of water consumption.

Basing on the CAT-M1 technologies and NB-IoT, within the 3GPP standards, the comprehensive solution facilitates the connection of billions of machines and devices to the Internet. The collaboration will assist the water supply companies to offer an effective solution combining the advanced electronic water meters with high accuracy in measurements, the IoT connectivity the meteorological capabilities and a platform of device management equipped with the capabilities of advanced data analytics. It enables the companies to save on the current operating costs and make investments in the new assets.

The intelligent solution gathers and processes the generated data of the water meters to offer predictive maintenance as well as the remote detection of the incidents. It also allows the consumption profile treatment. The solution is effective in predicting the demand and customizing water supply to the customers. The solution also has the potential to become a secure and scalable means of fulfilling the needs of the sector.

The collaboration will benefit both the groups with technological cooperation and opportunities for setting up a new business in the sectors of massive IoT and NB-IoT. The collaboration is an effective step towards the digital transformation of utilities.  Along with the cost savings, it will offer an increase in the revenues. It will also provide sustainable management and will secure the enhanced satisfaction level of the customers.

The intelligent solution will give the water companies a better understanding of the patterns of consumption. It will help in better management of the quality as well as the scarcity of water resources, which is Sustainable Development Goal (SDS) of the United Nations. The solution also has the potential for value addition to the water management processes.

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