Aplito acquires Cablefax Tech Award for IoT connectivity

by | Jul 10, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The Management solution of Aptilo SMP Consent & Personal Data has reportedly received the single most honourable mention in the Cablefax Tech Award. According to the sources, Aplito made it to the only honourable mention of the Wi-Fi Wireless solution category.

By the looks of it, Aptilo Zero-touch’s Wi-Fi Internet of Things Connectivity brings forward a mass-market availability concerning the Wi-Fi IoT devices. The new IoT device which is based on the Internet of Things fundamental and working principle aims at breaking the barriers to connect the IoT devices to a Wi-Fi module.

The Wi-Fi connectivity solutions that people are using now need some manual action when a person switches on the device. Moreover, this process needs to get repeated each time a security key concerning the Wi-Fi network gets changed. The Aptilo has specially designed a custom-made service which incorporates with the Amazon Web Services Internet of Things core.

Moreover, the Aptilo IoT Wi-Fi device also enables the device to connect it automatically as well as securely to a dedicated Wi-Fi network. And this takes place when it gets switched on every time and also the first time it is used. The Wi-Fi Internet of Things Connectivity by Aptilo utilizes the device’s certificates which exists in Amazon Web Services Core for verifying the device.

On the other hand, it also leverages the state-of-the-art Hotspot 2.0 along with Passpoint of the Wi-Fi Alliance. It would also support the legacy of the devices along with Wi-Fi equipment. By the looks of it, Wi-Fi and Internet of Things also represent unique opportunities for the cable operators.

Furthermore, Aptilo seems to have cracked the code for the Internet of Things with its newly introduced Zero-touch Internet of Things solution. Moreover, this gives rise to a floodgate that enables Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet of Things devices.

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